Blog: Nancy Cartwright: Scientology Fundraiser - 2019-04-06

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F376.png Nancy Cartwright: Scientology Fundraiser April 6, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Nancy Cartwright has long been a prominent "fundraiser" for scientology ideal orgs.

Not that she hasn't given plenty of money herself. She was the single reason Valley Org was able to buy and renovate that monstrosity on Burbank Blvd that sits empty as a weekend flea market on Wednesday (every day of the week). For a long time they didn't mention her name at all. Then she was known as "Our Royal Guv, Princess Warrior and official Valley Rockstar Goddess" and various other equally insane "titles." Eventually she just started appearing as Nancy Cartwright, fundraising pitch woman for Ideal Orgs as far away as Columbus Ohio.

They say her net worth is $60 million. Seems a bit low. 650 episodes of the Simpsons has generated a LOT of money for her. At the outset the main voice actors were paid $30,000 but as it became a hit, the pay levels rose. This is from the Wikipedia entry: