Blog: Nancy Cartwright Gives Another $500,000 To Valley Ideal Org - 2014-06-15

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F376.png Nancy Cartwright Gives Another $500,000 To Valley Ideal Org June 15, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

How to raise a million dollars for another failed ideal org.

Get $382,220 (odd number?) from crazy David Wilson (credit where credit is due; he DOES put his money where his mouth is — just further proof how crazy he is) and $500,000 from "OUR ROYAL GUV, PRINCESS WARRIOR AND OFFICIAL VALLEY ROCKSTAR GODDESS."

Just why is it that Nancy Cartwright is always referred to euphemistically? "The Honorary Mayor Of The Valley" etc etc etc? She is afraid to have her name associated with this nuttiness? Apparently so, in which case, why not just take her money and don't mention her at all? It's a very strange scenario. The crassness of promoting how much money they collect and listing everyone by name, but the single biggest sucker isn't named, but sort of is? Do they think this is going to keep it from the rest of the world and this is just their internal secret?