Blog: Nancy Many talks about Marty - 2010-08-13

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F0.png Nancy Many talks about Marty August 13, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

My good friend Nancy Many asked me to post this on Leaving Scientology. Nancy, of course, was speaking out against the Church long before many of us got up the nerve. She experienced the evil of the Church up close and personal, as she details in her book, My Billion Year Contract. Her comments about Marty are relevant, particularly as the Church has singled Marty out for some particularly vile dirty tricks. I don't think they have any idea how many friends and allies Marty really has. Here's what Nancy has to say:

Re Marty Rathbun

I have recently discovered that I have forwarded incorrect information regarding Marty. It came from a person in RTC at the time, whom I trusted. I have since discovered there were other falsehoods this person gave to me.