Blog: Never Ending Ideal Org Blood Sucking - 2015-03-13

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F376.png Never Ending Ideal Org Blood Sucking March 13, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In celebration of LRH's birthday, here is something to celebrate. The clearest expression of the future for all scientologists.

There is no end in sight. Fundraising will continue until there isn't a single person left with a dollar or asset to their name who is still "with the program." It will be a collection of bone dry skeletons, bled dry and discarded like used kleenexes. As each person realizes they have nothing left to give or that this is in fact a game where nobody wins, they will fall away and then distance themselves completely from the insatiable maw that is corporate scientology.

Drew and Maria Robb were long time SO Members. Like many others (David Wilson springs immediately to mind) they have jumped on board the "ideal org" bandwagon to try and curry favor and erase the stigma of being "ex-SO" by handing over money and getting others to do so. But though they get smiles and glad handing when they turn over their cash, the sneers behind their backs from Miscavige and Co never go away. And when the cash dries up so do the pretensions that they are anything beyond pond scum.