Blog: News And Stats From The Bubble - 2013-12-31

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F376.png News And Stats From The Bubble December 31, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A couple of recent OTC emails from the PAC area.

PAC OTC is focused on fundraising (big surprise) for the "PAC Auditorium" and "Ideal PAC Base" (whatever that is — "Ideal" has morphed into a new term in the bubble not even trying to pretend it has anything to do with the policy letter on "The Ideal Org" any longer).

But this email also includes some stats that are pretty revealing. This is the PAC OTC — the biggest concentration of Scientologists on earth (they claim in their stats to have 126 active members). And remember, "PAC" consists of "all" the Missions including the winners of the last two international mission birthday games, 5 Ideal Orgs (LA D, LA F, Pasadena, OC, Inglewood) 2 other Class V orgs (Valley, Santa Barbara) and 3 SO delivery Orgs.