Blog: News from The Valley - 2017-12-20

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F376.png News from The Valley December 20, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I like to keep tabs on the largest and most important Ideal Org on earth — especially as it is my local org when I am in Los Angeles. At least it can rightfully lay claim to having the largest and emptiest parking lot of any scientology org on earth (others are just as empty, none are nearly so big...)

First, they sent out this terrific Holiday Greetings card:

Interesting they selected this particular sentence from the "Ideal Org" Policy Letter. It's so nebulous. People come there to get freedom, they have confidence in the fact it will happen and then they run smack into reality and find out there is no such thing happening in this activity. Hell, check out the picture they selected to highlight their accomplishments and holiday cheer. An empty room that looks like a set design from Six Feet Under.