Blog: No International Events. No Fundraising! - 2020-12-12

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F376.png No International Events. No Fundraising! December 12, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is now a bit old, but still telling.

No international events: the only way Miscavige has to keep the sheeple convinced the scientology world is expanding faster than ever and that everyone wants Hubbard tech. Without the briefings, all they have is the evidence of what is happening in their own city, and that is invariably NOTHING. Those events are the propaganda machine that keeps scientology afloat. Without them, they must be hurting bad...

You may recall they recently tried to substitute a video SuMP put together and call everyone in to watch it. They touted it as an "International Management Briefing." All it was — self congratulations for their brilliant work spraying disinfectant around to handle the "planetary bullbait."