Blog: No Shame - 2014-11-30

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F376.png No Shame November 30, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The US Government is despised and derided by scientology, with numerous L. Ron Hubbard writings and lectures mentioning the US Government, many government agencies and even Presidents in less than flattering terms. There are very few positive statements about any person or any part of the US government anywhere in the "scriptures" of scientology. The most consistent vehemence is directed towards the FBI and the IRS.

But then it comes time to pitch how they will help raise money for the IAS, suddenly, Old Glory is fluttering in the breeze with the IAS logo imprinted on top of it. Now they are the greatest people on earth and full supporters of the IAS!

Pity it's such a bureaucracy that there isn't anyone in the US Govt who would care. Though it might make a nice exhibit the next time the church tells a court "but look how wonderful we are, we are recognized as a tax exempt religion by the US government."