Blog: Not The Friendliest Place In The World - 2013-09-04

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F376.png Not The Friendliest Place In The World September 4, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A commentary sent in by a Special Correspondent that I felt worthy of broader coverage. It might be more appropriately titled with the astute observation MONEY IS THE ONE THING NOT TAINTED BY ASSOCATION WITH AN SP.

A few posts back you commented that Flag's systematic and systemic practice of purging "undesirable" staff and public deserved a post of its own. Indeed it does.

Having been a "purgee" I am personally familiar with this corporate policy. Furthermore I have witnessed numerous instances of others being purged. Interestingly enough, the purge flows both ways, as many people have voluntarily purged themselves, possibly in equal or greater numbers. An unintended consequence of Flag's practices which I am sure, in their arrogance, they never conceived would occur. And then there is the inevitable purge of life itself as Scientologists simply die, too many before their time.