Blog: OMFG - 2017-06-27

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F376.png OMFG June 27, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

And this is their write-up. Just sad on so many levels. Not the least of which is that the IAS is so proud of this they turned it into a promo piece so everyone could share this amazing success.

OMG we just did Patron with Honours.

Back story: applied for a loan, loan disapproved, banker says after a couple of impossible solutions, by the way there is a credit card on file here from a long time ago that's never been activated for the exact amount you are asking for. I had no idea I even had this card. If I get a card like this I usually bin it. We don't use CCs. To make the cycle happen before Thursday 2pm and it's now 15 mins before shut off point, I had to activate the card then locate the card for the ccv number. I just thought about where I might have put this and I went straight to it. I'd put it with other similar items. Now the card could be run by IAS office AOSH ANZO. The card was declined so I called the bank and the security Falcon had stopped it as they thought it was a suspicious transaction. He said it would take another 20-30 minutes to be reactivated. We didn't have that time. We tried the card just a few minutes later and it went through with about a minute to spare. This was due to having done CRRD, Super Power and L11. Tone 40 demonstrated.