Blog: OSA's BBC Handling - 2010-10-02

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F0.png OSA's BBC Handling October 2, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

If you've ever looked at online news articles about Scientology, you may have noticed the occasional lame and rather disconnected comments from Scientologists. And you may have asked yourself "how can they sound so clueless?" A letter sent out to some Scientologists in the UK, recently posted on WWP, provides some insight into OSA's "strategy" to deal with the BBC program. The letter is from Zabrina Collins, a UK Ethics Officer tagged by OSA UK to carry out their "campaign" in Ireland. The text of the letter follows, complete with typos and misspellings:

Hi Guys,

I am working with OSA to get some good PR onto online versions of the Irish newspapers. You may or may not know that Panorama is doing a 2nd take of their documentary on the Church a couple of years ago. This new documentary will be aired on Tuesday night on BBC.