Blog: OSA Launches Their "Counter-Campaign" - 2010-03-25

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F0.png OSA Launches Their "Counter-Campaign" March 25, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

OSA has launched a rather corny "letter writing" campaign, urging Scientologists to pepper the "mucky-mucks" at CNN with "heartfelt" letters following a set script. Of course, no one has actually seen the program yet, but of course OSA "knows" what it's all about - "salacious reporting" and "gossip" from a bunch of "losers." How they already know all about the program before it even airs is a mystery answered best by their seniors and handlers. Here's the letter writing campaign:

Dear Friends and Family,

Anderson Cooper is doing an bullshit "expose" on our church. I have written the mucky-mucks at CNN a letter (see below). We must act on this. I urge you to write your own letter about this disgusting piece. In fact, here are the email addresses for you: