Blog: OT VIII Damned With Faint Praise - 2018-09-01

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F376.png OT VIII Damned With Faint Praise September 1, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is supposedly a rousing success story from a new OT VIII completion. They published this as something to be proud of. Explaining the massive wins available from the pinnacle of The Bridge.

And this is all "E.T." could come up with — it was remarkable (apparently not as not much in the way of remarks) and gave "more attention for the present" (not even "I'm in PT" which is the supposed result of Objectives) and "felt" the ability to "know and understand" was increased and and enlarged. And a raise in Reality and Affinity can, according to LRH, be increased by talking to someone. Just talking. For free.

And apparently it is the best they could find.