Blog: OT VIIIs: The Blind and Deaf - 2016-05-23

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F376.png OT VIIIs: The Blind and Deaf May 23, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology is a study in contradictions. But it would seem even the most enlightened beings at the top of the bridge aren't able to perceive even the most obvious of them.

Read this first message sent to OT VIIIs by the Senior C/S for their "next OT Levels." Put aside there is no such thing, which they have apparently not realized yet, I wonder if they recall the "success story" they wrote after they completed OT VIII about how they were now total cause over the universe and had the full meaning of life revealed...

But hold on, these super beings who have completed the first of the "true" OT levels apparently didn't achieve the gains afforded by doing Objectives, those "auditing" actions done at the very bottom of the bridge. So, in order to ensure they are "prepared" for the non-existent OT IX and X now they have to re-do their Objectives Processes. Right now!