Blog: Objectives End Phenomena: Give More Money - 2014-08-08

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F376.png Objectives End Phenomena: Give More Money August 8, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A quick posting before a more important one this afternoon.

A couple of comments about this particular piece:

1. It is a further indicator of the increasingly prevalent pattern noticeable in the "successes" that are published by the church where they expound the "party line". "Acceptable" success stories include statements that are known to be what the church wants. Either parroting the promo for the service ("I have a clear mind now" after the Purif or "my OT perceptions are amazing now I can sense the salinity of my blood" after Super Power) or it's something like this "I went 'to hell with it' and just did my Patron/Humanitarian/Champion etc etc."