Blog: Oh Bless Me Father, For I have Sinned - 2017-12-02

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F376.png Oh Bless Me Father, For I have Sinned December 2, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Catholicism has nothing on Scientology when it comes to sin. When it comes to crime, confession, and contrition, Scientology kicks ass.

On one hand, Scientology preaches that man is basically good. On the other, church members commit overts like springtime rabbits popping out bunnies on a wet year. If a Scientologist has any chance at salvation, he will confess his sins, bend over, and take his medicine.

One thing I can say with certainty about Scientologists: they're never done sinning and confessing. It's a certainty that by the time a parishioner picks up the cans for his next session, he'll have another overt or two he needs to "get off."

And unlike most other religions, L. Ron Hubbard codified his church's sins, dividing them into three categories: misdemeanors, crimes, and high crimes. The greatest sin: speaking out against LRH or the church. Questioning the tech or policy is almost as subversive.