Blog: One Scenario for the End of Scientology - 2014-03-21

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F379.png One Scenario for the End of Scientology March 21, 2014, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

On a recent trip, I met with a number of ex-Scientologists as well as some familiar faces in our community. One question in my discussions always came up:

What is the endgame for Scientology, where the cult closes its doors for good and becomes a minor footnote in the pages of history?

One of the main goals on this blog, as outlined in the original post back in November, is to try to develop and maintain a full scenario for the collapse of the cult. A full scenario would have several different alternatives along with an assessment of the relative likelihood of each of those alternatives actually coming to pass. This is not that document. Over time, I would hope to be able to assemble from different individual scenarios such as this one, the complete assessment of the likely futures that may befall the church, and a series of guideposts that would help us tell which one of those scenarios is coming true.