Blog: Operation RPF: Restoring People's Freedom - 2011-01-25

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F0.png Operation RPF: Restoring People's Freedom January 25, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I consider that the greatest neglected media story about the Church of Scientology is its Rehabilitation Project Force. This, in my opinion, is the elephant in the room, the story that no one, it seems, can confront – whether media, law enforcement, or government agencies. Because the fact is, the Church of Scientology is running virtual slave camps right in the middle of half a dozen major cities. And the deeper one investigates, the more one wonders, how in hell can they get away with it?

Sure, apologists will take exception to my calling these RPFs "slave camps." Yet if one investigates, if one talks to people who have actually been in them in the last few years, that is exactly what they are. People disappear into RPFs for years – up to six, eight, or even ten years. They have no contact with family or the outside world. They work at menial tasks, such as making Church furniture, for pennies. They live in unbelievably crowded, squalid dormitories. Even a maximum security prison seems like Club Med in comparison.

Well, leave it to the Aussies to do something about it. I had a call from my friend Kevin Mackey, who briefed me on something they have going called Operation Restoring People's Freedom, or Operation RPF. They have a thread on this on ESMB.