Blog: Oppressed Thetans: The New "OT" - 2009-07-22

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F0.png Oppressed Thetans: The New "OT" July 22, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

In HCOB 22 December 1960, O/W, A Limited Theory, LRH points out that we use O/W as it "explains phenomena found at a low humanoid level." It is not, he states, a senior governing law of the universe. As one moves up the line, it drops out.

Makes sense. As one moves up to OT, one should become more and more rational, more and more ethical. Trips to the Ethics Officer should be less and less. And Security Checks should be fewer and fewer.

In theory. But that's not how it works, is it? In fact, it seems that the higher you are on the Bridge, the less you are trusted. Security Checks become more and more frequent. Anyone on OT VII, in fact, has to go to Flag twice a year for their "6 Month Check," which includes at least one intensive of Security Checking, often two or more, at $7,500 an intensive. Add in the bill for your 6-month C/Sing, your Accomodations and food, and you're looking at spending $20,000 or more twice a year.