Blog: Overcoming Scientology Instilled Ignorance - 2014-03-19

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F0.png Overcoming Scientology Instilled Ignorance March 19, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Attempting to remedy Scientology instilled ignorance is a hazardous venture. It can result in losing your job and having your family and friends harassed into abandoning you, and worse. The resistance to truth can be so intense that in most cases the proponent of light is reduced to adopting the Scientology constructs of opponents, enemies, battle, and war. Before long the seeker of truth becomes a mere 'attacker', over time becoming more and more like that which is attacking him and which seemingly by necessity he must attack in order to survive.

Scientologists - even many independent ones - have a habit of collapsing the ideas of a) exposing corruption and lies to the light with b) attacking. There is a reason for this. Scientologists have been indoctrinated with the false idea that a=b when it comes to Scientology. That then justifies the application of Hubbard's hundreds of pages of war-upon-'attackers' technology. Debate, even discussion, becomes impossible. Scientologists are taught that argument is best performed by destroying the messenger of the idea (or truth) they oppose. That is the 'dead agent caper' technology where the Scientologist becomes a one trick pony performing only 'gotcha' - that is, falsus in unum falsus in omnibus becomes the end all. When 'successful' it justifies and perpetuates all manner of falsehood and rotten corruption and abuse.

Part of overcoming the implantation of these falsehoods and the vow to fight to the death to protect the most astounding abuses is some honest contemplation of why such indoctrination is so intense and effective in Scientology. Why was such false indoctrination introduced in the first place? Why does it intensify over time, and intensify exponentially in the face of the most truthful, cathartic whistleblowing? I think such contemplation will lead you to some answers you may at first find uncomfortable but ultimately will find liberating.