Blog: PTS in Scientology: Bug or Baddie? - 2017-05-06

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F376.png PTS in Scientology: Bug or Baddie? May 6, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

L. Ron Hubbard wrote that all sickness, accidents and injuries, pretty much all non-optimum conditions in life, were the result of a connection to a suppressive person. A person so associated was said to be a "potential trouble source," or PTS.

"A suppressive person, SP for short, is a really, really bad person. Like Hitler bad. The worst of the worst." Terra Tech Dictionary, 28 Apr 17.

PTS, "means potential trouble source which itself means a person connected to a suppressive person. All sick persons are PTS. All pcs who roller-coaster (regularly lose gains) are PTS." LRH, HCOB 20 Apr 72.