Blog: PTS to the Middle Class - 2017-03-19

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F376.png PTS to the Middle Class March 19, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In HCOB, 16 April 1982, More on PTS Handling, LRH famously wrote, "The bulk of your PTSness may very well be PTS to a class, the middle class, of which their particular SP is simply a member."

SP stands for Suppressive Person. I mentioned their characteristics several weeks ago here at Mike's. Basically, SPs are extremely bad people whose whole purpose is to do others harm. PTS stands for Potential Trouble Source and is someone connected to an SP. This connection can be with a present time SP—a boss, friend or parent, anyone—or this connection can be with someone in the past who's been restimulated by someone with similar characteristics to the actual SP. According to LRH, all sick people are PTS. All accidents are the result of PTSness. Pretty much all bad conditions in life are caused by a connection to an SP.