Blog: Paranoia Strikes Deep - 2010-03-17

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F0.png Paranoia Strikes Deep March 17, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I heard a heartbreaking story the other day, one that demonstrates both the arrogance of the Church of Scientology and their growing paranoia.

It concerns a prominent Scientologist, let's call him Dr. X. Dr X and his wife have been Scientologists in good standing for many years. While not super-rich, Dr. X has given the Church hundreds of thousands of dollars, for his own Bridge, his wife's Bridge, and large contributions to the IAS and the Superpower Building.

His wife completed OT VIII, then was told she was "not Clear" and ordered by the C/S to redo her Bridge from the ground up. This is par for the course with OT VIIIs by the way (see "Messin' with the VIIIs," Parts I and II). And of course as soon as this pronouncement was made, a team of Reges – reportedly four people – descended on Dr. X to get the money for this "program." Dr. X complied, giving them over $100,000. His wife then began auditing on NED. As one might expect, it did not go well. She ran badly on NED, but they just kept grinding away. Mrs. X began to doubt the program, doubt her C/S and doubt Scientology. She ended up in Ethics.