Blog: Pasadena Panic Stations - 2014-06-13

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F376.png Pasadena Panic Stations June 13, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Rona has her knickers in a twist because the NUMBER ONE ORG IN THE WORLD HAD 2 PURIF/SRD STARTS IN ONE DAY, and they, the mighty ideal org of Pasadena had zero.

The astonishing fact that TWO STARTS in a day puts you on top of the world of Scientology seems completely lost on Rona (or anyone else inside the bubble for that matter). To justify these ridiculous buildings they are in they should have 10 starts every day. at that order of magnitude they MIGHT make 50 Clears a week if they did EVERYTHING right. Even then its only 2500 Clears a year.... And that would possibly make them viable. It would also make them bigger than the FSO, and STILL not even scratching the surface on "clearing their zone."

And not surprisingly, this is apparently all that anyone is interested in. Purif and SRD starts... This is par for the course. When GAG was released it was all GAG. Same with Basics. And Congresses. And ACCs. And Ron Mags. But even before that it was KTL. It was Grades. LOC. PTS/SP. You can run through the list, scientology exists on fads. "The latest" is the greatest and there is nothing more important. Until the next "latest" comes along.