Blog: Peaks and Valleys - 2014-07-18

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F0.png Peaks and Valleys July 18, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Cult think (which includes religious, political, and self-help/positive thinking guru cliques) tends to be extremist in nature. That includes either over-reacting to or ignoring entirely (read denial) high and low ends of the vicissitudes of life. The highs can include all manner of self-congratulatory, hallucinatory-causation thinking. "I thought it and it happened; I am god-like." The lows can include all manner of guilt, regret and need to re-examine and even re-create oneself. "Who am I really and who do I need to be?"

Far better I think to follow the great middle path.

Life's peaks and valleys are as natural as the hills and dales of the landscape or the pull and repulsion of the subatomic dance making up the woof and warp of the universe. Obsessing with owning them – positive or negative – and thus fixating on the result tends to park folks in peaks and valleys. Meanwhile, atoms tango, breezes blow, currents flow, and life goes on. One can choose to stagnate with rises and falls or one can choose to learn from them and evolve.