Blog: People of the State of California vs. Rizza Islam et. al. - 2019-10-08

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F0.png People of the State of California vs. Rizza Islam et. al. October 8, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

By Jeffrey Augustine

The links below are the summary of the court reporting I did during the preliminary criminal trial of Rizza Islam and his co-defendants in the Los Angeles Downtown Criminal Courts (Case # BA435374). The felony charges against Ronnie Steven "Rizza" Islam and his co-defendants center around a $3.8 million dollar Medi-Cal insurance fraud committed during the operation of the now defunct Scientology-licensed World Literacy Crusade and the American Health and Education Clinic located in Compton, California.

Thanks to Tony Ortega for covering my reporting in real time — along with his added news and commentary — at The Underground Bunker. The Bunker commenting community added many outstanding and insightful comments. Special thanks to Lisa Bartley of ABC 7 Los Angeles Eyewitness News for providing video coverage along with the sketches by ABC sketch artist Mona S. Edwards.