Blog: Personal Choice vs Scientology Policy - 2017-07-29

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F376.png Personal Choice vs Scientology Policy July 29, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Church of Scientology has always been quick to point out that disconnection from others is a personal choice. Yes and no.

It could be argued that every decision one makes while in Scientology is personal. Every course one does, every session in which one picks up the cans, and every evening when a person walks through the front doors of the org boils down to personal choice. Nobody twisted your arm while you filled out an OCA. Nobody held a gun to your head while you read DMSMH and did the Comm Course. These were all personal choices. Right?

Joe decided to plunk down the money for his Life Repair. He decided to continue up the bridge. He decided to donate to the IAS and later, toward a new building. He decided to join the Sea Org for a billion years. And while there, willingly submitted to the RPF. And yes, he decided to disconnect from his sister who refused to stop reading all those anti-Scientology books and blogs. To one degree or another, following any policy in Scientology is preceded by a personal decision to do so.