Blog: Petition the President of the United States - 2011-09-25

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F0.png Petition the President of the United States September 25, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C. put an arbitrary, authoritative stop on a massive, widespread probe that its Los Angeles office had been carrying out from 2009 well into 2010. The church of Scientology was given assurances by high level US Department of Justice officials that the investigation was dead via the church's expensive, connected white shoe lawfirms. With at least the imprimatur of the FBI Director himself FBI agents were instructed to falsely inform many witnesses and informants that the investigation was continuing long after the church had been assured by senior Department of Justice officials that the investigation was over. These false assurances were provided in order to prevent the media from making the Department of Justice look weak or bought-off in the light of the many revelations of consistent criminal behavior being directed by the undisputed head of the church of Scientology David Miscavige. As a result, the Department of Justice knowingly, and callously, put a number of informants at risk. In effect, the Department of Justice made cooperating witnesses fair game for predictable church of Scientology retaliation tactics.

On a personal level, the 164 day siege of my own home began date coincident with one Scientology Inc lawyer (former high level Justice official) going on record with a media outlet that not only was there not an ongoing investigation into Miscavige and his cult, but the lawyer had been assured by Justice Department officials that no investigation had ever even occurred. And with that, Miscavige apparently felt immune to conduct the activity against me and my wife that is so over the top that only a madman or one knowing he had immunity would assay. I have a well documented file, well placed, with similar stories from a number of other FBI witnesses and informants who were similarly left to hang and dangle in the wind.

Many local law enforcement officials have heard my complaints against Miscavige and the church of Scientology (tangible, current assaults upon me and my wife), in four different states, who have shrugged their shoulders and asked me, "where's the FBI? This stuff is clearly a pattern and crosses state lines daily." And each time, I have covered the FBI's back by putting it back on the locals to stick to the narrow picture - granting the FBI's stupid request that I keep the fact of their investigation quiet. (I call the request stupid, because they continued to assert the church couldn't know of their investigation more than a year after I demonstrated for them it was impossible that the church did not know by then - based upon people whom the FBI had visited and briefed and based upon whom I know those visited had subsequently spoken to).