Blog: Pimps, prostitutes and disconnection - 2010-08-14

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F0.png Pimps, prostitutes and disconnection August 14, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

When I worked as Legal Executive at Author Services Inc in the mid eighties, most nights I drove across Hollywood from the office to the complex after 1 a.m. One night I noticed a man beating the shit of out of a woman just off Sunset Blvd. I pulled my car over and approached the man rather aggessively. He back peddled rapidly. I then approached the woman and asked her if she was all right. As she began to speak, the man butted in from several yards away, "you talk to him bitch, and I will kill you!" I turned and told the guy to shut his mouth and asked the woman again,adding "you need help getting home?" She looked up fearfully at the man that had just pumelled her then looked at the side walk and said to me, "you just gonna have to get the fuck out of here cracker, just leave me alone." I noticed the man smirking. I recognized I had intervened between a pimp and one of his employees and the employee made it clear she wanted to remain connected to a very real and present source of suppression. Only then did I drive home.

Was I wrong to suggest the woman perhaps disconnect from the pimp, if even for the evening?

Some people who opt to throw the Scientology baby out with the bathwater have effectively, and assertively suggested as much to me. I have got some idiots running a campaign against me because I don't choose to listen to their abusive, infantile comm. Comm that clearly has no other objective than to enturbulate. I happen to agree with LRH's observation that with the First Amendment freedom to speak comes the corollary right not to receive communication one is not interested in receiving. It is not only LRH who suggests it. The US Supreme Court has recognized that the First Amendment includes a right to privacy component. Don Migel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) suggests that for spiritual growth it is wise not to communicate with entheta merhants. He calls it those who traffick in black magic.