Blog: Piss on The Psychs - 2013-07-26

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F376.png Piss on The Psychs July 26, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A short commentary from a local Correspondent. The bubble world is becoming more fundamentalist:

Mike, There I was minding my own business, driving up a street in Clearwater today when I noticed a sticker on a van window two cars ahead.

At first, I thought "uh?", then it hit me - WTF?!?!?! I have never liked the stickers of a little s%^&head micturating on some other symbol (i.e., a Ford pick up will have a sticker of this character voiding on the Chevy symbol, etc.); I find it offensive actually. It remains me of high school punks who compulsively tried to create effects - very pubescent. More like idiots parading around saying "Oh, I special because you noticed me!" Or "pooh! I am soooo overt!" WTFE!!! In HCO PL 2 Sept 1970 II, LRH wrote that the first policy on Scientology Organizations was: MAINTAIN FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE ENVIRONMENT. This sticker does anything, but that. Further, it serves to create a wider gap in the HUGE chasm that is the church's PR within the Clearwater community. Not last month the mayor of Clearwater was on TV saying he thinks the CofS needed to come forth and explain to the public and the government what it is doing and what its intentions for residing in Clearwater are. But I digress: Take the First Policy along with the LRH lecture "R-factor and Letter Registers" and it gives one a basic point from which to view. Couple these two LRH sources together and one needs to take into account that MU's and Study Tech must be applied to dissemination - particularly raw public dissemination. In fact, the attached photos, are a demonstration of the abuse of the following: