Blog: Plant or Vegetable? - 2011-05-15

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F0.png Plant or Vegetable? May 15, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Below is a public announcement by a recently reaccredited Radical Scientologist. It has been widely circulated around the Southern San Francisco Bay Area. Susan Lewis was accepted back into the Radical Scientology community only after blowing the whistle on every Scientologist she knew was committing the sin of seeking truth.

The announcement couldn't be more timely. I was working on a post urging more people from the South Bay area stand up to take some of the heat off of Lorie Hodgson and her mother Dee McMurdie. But, as has become almost tradition, Miscavige and OSA just have beat us to the punch in driving people from their cult.

This write up might remind some of you of the fear, the pack mentality, and the stultified intellect you may have felt when you were a member of the Radical cult. It is a fascinating study too in the subject of brainwashing. Brainwashing? Isn't that a tad extreme?, you might ask. My answer is no, it is not extreme at all. Look at the two rock bottom stable datums Ms Lewis is convinced by the likes of John Allender and Mark Warlick (from the blue shirted shock squad that visited my home recently) are lies. Two of the most obvious, well documented FACTS established about David Miscavige: