Blog: Politricks - 2012-05-06

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F0.png Politricks May 6, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

There have been a lot of respectful, round-about comments on the blog over the years implying that my politics are from the left wing. The comments are sometimes overtly and sometimes covertly made by proud conservatives and proud liberals.

I think folks from both sides of the right/left spectrum misunderstand me. I am going to make a political (or apolitical) statement so that there isn't any mystery about where I stand on the subject of politricks.

While I believe America has become a corporatocracy (that has sometimes verged on fascism) I also believe it has socialized so much as to have created an incentive toward 'entitlement' that has become degenerative. I believe that those who capitalize (and many do as politicians and media) on these obvious problems and make a name for themselves by cleverly arguing that total elimination of either side of those competing evils is the only solution are perpetuating the problem. I don't waive any flag, right or left.