Blog: Portrait of a Sociopath - 2010-07-22

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F0.png Portrait of a Sociopath July 22, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I have occasionally used the term sociopath to describe David Miscavige. I use the term advisedly, not as some random insult. Mainly because every description of a sociopath that I have read fits Miscavige to a T.

And please, don't make the mistake of saying, "oh yes, sociopath – that's the same as an SP. And I already know all about SPs, therefore I don't need to learn anything further." That's known as thought-stopping, a phenomenon that deserves its own post. One of the biggest barriers to learning something is thinking you already know it.

In my opinion, "Suppressive Person" has always been primarily used as a political term in Scientology. Sure, there's a list of "Characteristics of an Anti-Social Personality" in the Ethics book, but come on, really, when was the last time you saw someone methodically going down through that checklist before declaring someone? And when was the last time you saw someone declared SP who actually had a majority of those characteristics? No, it's a way to label and isolate people who challenge the power and authority of the Church – and specifically these days, David Miscavige.