Blog: Post Game 1 - Deny, Attack, Rinse, Repeat - 2010-03-30

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F0.png Post Game #1 - Deny, Attack, Rinse, Repeat March 30, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

We had a bunch of people over to watch AC 360 last night, and among them was a guy who knew very little about Scientology or the current controversy. He's a very intelligent and perceptive man, so I was interested to get his take on the show and on the various Church spokespeople. Here are some of his observations (in italics):

Tommy Davis: His denial just went on and on. He kept repeating himself. It was like that was what he had been coached to do. Repeating his denial over and over just made it less credible to me. Despite more and more evidence, he just kept repeating his flat denial.

Good observation. Of course Tommy has nothing else to say - all he is trained to do is either deny everything or attack his critics.