Blog: Post Game 2 - Catherine - 2010-03-31

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F0.png Post Game #2 - Catherine March 31, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I'm sorry that the Church saw fit to drag my ex-wife, Catherine Fraser, into this and put her into the spotlight on national TV. It can't have been a pleasant experience for her.

Anderson Cooper asked me about Catherine. I told him that she was a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. I would never say anything against Cathy. I've posted the story of our unlikely courtship and marriage at the Int Base on my autobiographical blog, Counterfeit Dreams.

That we have ended up on opposite sides of this is unfortunate. She feels she has to defend the Church at all costs – well, as I told Anderson, I would have done the same when I was still in the Sea Org. I would have lied.