Blog: Practicing Scientology - 2013-03-04

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F0.png Practicing Scientology March 4, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I came across a little something that I think that people practicing Scientology – inside or out of the church – ought to consider while pursuing the higher realms of cognitive development and consciousness it can assist with the attainment of. The following is a segment of a talk by philosopher Ken Wilber on traps that certain spiritual teachers can set for students. I think this applies to both the teacher (auditor/supervisor/advisor) and the teachings themselves. The latter being so, in fact, has prompted several essays by me of late suggesting that while you strive for as close to perfection as you can with technical Scientology procedure, you not fall into the trap of becoming a radical, fundamentalist Scientologist (literalist) whether you are affiliated with the church or not.

From Kosmic Consciousness with Ken Wilber by Sounds True.

Indeed we do have these one or two dozen developmental lines, like cognitive development, interpersonal development, moral development. And you can be very highly developed in some of those lines, medium development in others and very low development in yet others.