Blog: Push Button McScientology - Incinerate the People - 2011-04-25

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F0.png Push Button McScientology - Incinerate the People April 25, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Mike Rinder has mentioned a shocking fact on this blog on a number of occasions. Mike related that Miscavige made it clear to all Int Management personnel over several years that he wanted to replace all Div 6 and Div 2 personnel with machines. Audio/Visual (A/V). He wanted to bypass all living, breathing disseminators (public and staff) with movies. Lots of them. Miscavige spoke of this even as he was torturing Int Management into apathetic oblivion, replacing them with his own movies (his single-participant events). That began circa 2000/2001, and I saw him going in that direction myself, and speaking words to that effect. First, carefully couched and implied, and then becoming more overt as he created the infamous HOLE where all Int Management Staff were imprisoned in late 03/early 04. (for description of the HOLE, see,, segments entitled "Miscavige's Escalating Violence", and "A Game called Musical Chairs")

Well, thanks to the Resistance still lurking within we now can share Miscavige's own words proving Mike's testimony. By the year 2006 Miscavige had the OTAs sufficiently mesmerized that they accepted and embraced his neutron bomb strategy (wipe out all people, and preserve the MEST) with adoring laughs and cheers. Here it is, in Miscavige's own (verified by his own staff against audio recording) words (bold face supplied for emphasis).