Blog: Quailynn & Paul McDaniel - Check Mate - 2017-11-19

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F376.png Quailynn & Paul McDaniel - Check Mate November 19, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Recovering from Scientology has been no easy task. However my husband and I did it, together.

What broke me from the church initially was this: I was on the ship to do OTVIII, I had cleared every hurdle placed infront of me. As most of you know they are many and extremely difficult — tailored to break you in every possible way. I was on the ship in Cartagena, Columbia. They had taken my passport and the staff had locked me in a room in a room for three days and had me read my husbands confidential confessionals detailing why he was a horrible human worthy of betrayal. This was an attempt to destroy his character with me. After another week of waiting I was asked to turn over his 401K. Somehow they knew the exact amount of money in his account.

Suddenly everything snapped into clear view. They set me up to betray my husband. To betray family would break me. I refused. I had two choices of retreat given the circumstances. I could throw my little pink suitcase overboard and swim for shore hoping port authorities would take me to the US embassy or I could lie my way off the ship. Which is what I did. I told them I would have to go home to get the money. After a week of convincing I was released on the promise I would bring back the money, my husband and all four of our daughters.