Blog: Quotes from Source - 2016-05-07

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F376.png Quotes from Source May 7, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Over the years, David Miscavige has gradually been positioning himself as not only the "anointed" one, but as the actual successor to L. Ron Hubbard in every way.

He is not only the "Finder of Lost Tech" and the originator of "Command Intention" he is now mandatory to "acknowledge" in all "success stories." If you fail to recognize and thank "COB" it is treated as a bad indicator that you are disaffected or perhaps a plant. They sell the water and whatever else that "COB uses" at Flag like it is the American Dental Association seal of approval on your toothpaste.

And now, the final step. "COB quotes." For decades "LRH quotes" have been a "thing" in scientology. The old saying is "what would Ron do?" and that is supposed to resolve all problems. Now we have "COB quotes" being circulated as if they are infinite wisdom. Amazing. 10 years ago there isn't a scientologist anywhere who would have ever considered scientology would be promoting anyone else's quotes than L. Ron Hubbard.