Blog: Quoting vs. Thinking - 2011-03-09

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F0.png Quoting vs. Thinking March 9, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

The Church of Scientology encourages people to quote L. Ron Hubbard at every possible opportunity. They would rather you quote LRH than give some thought or opinion of your own.

When I was in Scientology, I became really good at this. I was responsible for writing scripts, speeches, magazines and promotional copy. And of course these had to be peppered with "As LRH says…" and "According to LRH" and so on. I was an OEC/FEBC grad, had studied most Policy, and many HCOBs and lectures. I got so I could find just the right quote in minutes.

Cramming Officers got good at this too – being able to pull just the right reference or quote out of a hat. Managers too, had to reference the right Policy for every action they recommended, so they got good at finding and supplying the exact right quote at the right time.