Blog: R.J. Ellory: a reluctant Scientologist? - 2013-04-11

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F0.png R.J. Ellory: a reluctant Scientologist? April 11, 2013, Jonny Jacobsen, Infinite Complacency

British crime writer R.J. Ellory's 27-year-long association with Scientology made the news in France earlier this month. But how committed is he? 1

Now here's a twist in the tale: English thriller writer R.J. Ellory, who only last year had to apologise for an egregious lapse of professional ethics, turns out to be a long-time Scientologist.

British crime writer R.J. Ellory Britain's Daily Telegraph reported in September 2012 that Roger Jon Ellory had been caught using "sock-puppet" accounts to write glowing reviews for his own books. As one wag at the New York Times put it a couple of days later: "His Biggest Fan was Himself".