Blog: RS Puts Its Freak On for Amy and Mat - 2011-01-15

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F0.png RS Puts Its Freak On for Amy and Mat January 15, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Here is some breaking news from my good friend of 33 years Mat Pesh. It further illustrates a point I have been making to friends for some time now: the Ogre that is destroying the church of Scientology is not only its failure to practice the technology but also its insistence on performing over-the-top freak shows attempting to shut people up. David Miscavige's primary collection line is based on his continued, off-policy advertisements of attacks against "Scientology." While painting himself as a victim he carefuly omits 100% of the "attacks" are brought about by his insane continuing efforts to control thought and suppress free speech, much like is documented below as occuring to this day (literally).

By the way, thanks Amy and Mat. Mike Rinder and I got a whole hell of a lot accomplished over the past couple days. I was wondering why there was so little distraction from the mosquitoes. Now, I know why.