Blog: R is for Responsibility - 2014-03-19

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F0.png R is for Responsibility March 19, 2014, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Originally published February 2, 2014 on Scientologists Getting Back In Comm blog (here) under the pseudonym "Galactic Patrol".

Note: This article is specifically addressed to those of you who are still actively "on lines" in or around the Scientology orgs. I want everyone to read this and hopefully make use of it in some way, but my message of action is directed to those still in.

Bringing in the New Year is always cause for reflection of things past, and a time when we resolve to do better, to take charge of our lives and make decisions about where we are going into the future. In light of recent events, I felt it important that we take a moment to consider what is happening in Scientology now and your role in that.