Blog: Radical Scientology's Protection Racket - 2010-12-18

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F0.png Radical Scientology's Protection Racket December 18, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

A protection racket is an extortion scheme whereby a criminal group or individual coerces other less powerful entities to pay money, allegedly for protection services against external threats (usually violence or property damage, and sometimes perpetrated by the racketeers themselves).

I cannot think of a better term to describe Miscavige's standard operating procedure. Inside, the apparent aim - like run of the mill organized crime - is money. But, Miscavige's operation is far more insidious than the mafia. He also coerces blind, ignoratant loyalty. And when one finally decides to stop playing the ponzi scheme mark, and exerts some outside independence, his racket steps it up a few notches with the sole aim of extorting fear and consequent silence.