Blog: Radical Scientology Dark Ops - 2010-11-29

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F0.png Radical Scientology Dark Ops November 29, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Below is an OSA Int Investigations Division program drafted by Fritz Kavenaar (Invest Officer) in 2006. The intent of the program is evident and in his own words it seeks to "muzzle" Tory Christman. I gave Tory the opportunity to review this before publication and to direct the deletion of material that clearly was taken from her pc folders and information that might violate the rights of privacy of her or others she knows. Wherever a deletion was made a notation is made. Tory has also inserted her own comments throughout the program in italics. OSA programs by tradition are so laden with denigrating reference I felt Tory should be given the opportunity to defend herself, and educate us where appropriate.

After the program you will find another write up by Tory that gives some background leading up to her speaking out about the church's abuses. It gives further context to the church's efforts to destroy Tory.

I sincerely apologize to Tory for helping to create the monster that attempted to make her life so miserable. My hat is off to her for - all on her lonesome - weathing the storm and continuing to communicate throughout, and continuing to do so to this day.