Blog: Random OT Committee Stork Mail - 2014-04-06

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F376.png Random OT Committee Stork Mail April 6, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

These random hushmails arrive down the chimney and I dont always have time to even read them. But eventually I publish them as a matter of record as they contain a useful history of the shrinking of the bubble.

The panic has really set in at Flag — he is at the OTC meeting handing out lists of local BUSINESSES and the OTC members are responsible for getting them to get their staff in and onto courses or auditing. This email needs to be preserved if only for this reason — as evidence in the next lawsuit filed by an employee of a business that is forced to do Scientology as a condition of employment.

How stupid can you get? But this is a manifestation of living in a bubble. Good old Captain FSO is probably oblivious to the fact that this could even be a problem. After all, he has stats to get up and the heat is getting really intense as he is being told now that he is "CI to COB" as he and his entire crew are blocking the success of Super Power/Running Pgm/GAG II. There is no question about this — the planning is perfect. These are the greatest innovations in history. COB worked so hard on them. If they are not going right it is because people are making them NOT go right....