Blog: Random Thoughts from Inside and Outside The Bubble - 2013-11-12

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F376.png Random Thoughts from Inside and Outside The Bubble November 12, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Register Now. Or Be Shot. Or Something....

The schizoid ballet being danced by Big Brother over attendance at the Single Most Important Event In The History Of The Universe(tm) is rather amusing to watch.

While many Special Persons have reported being contacted to attend (clearly ALL stops are off on the call-in for this — people who have heard nothing for years are suddenly being told to come on down), the other side of the coin is the paranoia that an "unacceptable person" may get in. Many reports that people trying to attend have been told to "report to your local HCO" when applying for a permit to get in. Most of these people have no idea why they have suddenly become lepers — way to go guys, making a whole pile of NEW enemies!