Blog: Reading Between the Lines - 2010-09-14

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F0.png Reading Between the Lines September 14, 2010, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Scientologists are becoming expert in "reading between the lines" of the letters and e-mails they receive from the Orgs. When dealing with Scientology's doublespeak, it's best to become adept in translating it into real-world terms.

A case in point: a recent ASHO Letter, from Jarret Rible, Bridge Tracking Officer, forwarded to me by someone still "under the radar."

"YOU are important," the letter begins. Of course we know what that means – you are important to our GI. But they are not going to say that. They are going to sound like a Tony Robbins seminar instead. "Factually you are one of the closest to achieving the State of Clear and then on to OT," the letter continues. "Per our records, you are not currently receiving auditing or receiving very little auditing, which is costing you precious time and extending the number of hours you will need."