Blog: Reality Inside LA Org - 2016-02-06

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F376.png Reality Inside LA Org February 6, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Some of you may have seen mention of this podcast pop up on Google News or whatever news feed you watch.

I spent a little time to listen to it out of curiosity.

If anyone in scientology really cared, they would listen to it too. Because these two make a lot of interesting observations about what the experience is like walking into the "model ideal LA org" and subjecting themselves to the OCA/Test line and then routing onto an introductory service. It is pretty creepy and they note specific things that happened to them that really are off-putting. These two, while quite funny and light, make some very pointed observations about the way "wogs" are treated and how strange it is. They acknowledge positives when they see them, but there are not many.