Blog: Reappraising Hubbard's "The Responsibility of Leaders" - 2018-03-11

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F379.png Reappraising Hubbard's "The Responsibility of Leaders" March 11, 2018, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

Certain Scientology policies written by L. Ron Hubbard have assumed almost mythic proportions. Keeping Scientology Working is perhaps the penultimate example but there have been others. These policies provide an inside look at the mind of Hubbard and are very helpful for those seeking an understanding of his motivations and thought processes. To some extent, these policies also illustrate not only Scientology's group-think on expanding their reach, but also how Hubbard expected Scientologists themselves to think and act.

The Importance of The Responsibilities of Leaders

Beyond Keeping Scientology Working, perhaps one of the next most crucial policies is called The Responsibility of Leaders, released on February 12, 1967. Over the next two posts, I'll first look at the more obvious Scientological connotations of this important policy, and in my second, I'll address some of the more subtle, heretofore unrecognized or underappreciated contextual and historical motivations for Hubbard writing this iconic policy. What's unique about The Responsibilities of Leaders is that not only does he not use his own writings as the primary frame of reference, but more so, that he uses a strong woman as the basis for this allegorical discourse on power and loyalty.